Legislative Representation

Legislative Representation, Albany, NY

To properly manage legislative issues, it is important to develop and implement sound strategies. Plummer & Wigger is uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance and advice to shape and direct an effective governmental relations program. Plummer & Wigger has been successful in working on many tough legislative issues and we offer our clients the expertise and hands-on work ethic that is necessary to produce positive results for our clients.

Whether it’s development and passage of legislative initiatives, efforts to amend or defeat proposed legislation or coalition building and grassroots development to support our client’s cause, Plummer & Wigger provides a reliable and successful approach to public policy issues.

Economic Development

Economic Development, Upstate, NY

As businesses consider expansion, relocation or selection of a new site, particularly in this competitive world, it is important that they have reliable and up-to-date information on the various New York State and local government incentives/programs that are available for these purposes.

Plummer & Wigger has considerable experience working with state and local officials on these various incentive packages. We use this experience and our familiarity with the wide range of economic development incentives available to businesses to design a tailored approach that best fits the economic needs of our clients.

Regulatory & Agency Advocacy

Regulatory and Agency Advocacy, Upstate NY, Albany

New York State has over 110 departments, authorities, boards, offices and commissions within the Executive Branch. Plummer & Wigger works on select issues to resolve problems or promote initiatives on behalf of our clients within the many agencies and authorities of New York State government. We have worked on numerous issues for individual companies and organizations including those in the energy, environmental, manufacturing, taxation, insurance, transportation, economic development and technology fields.

Research Assessment & Monitoring

Research Assessment & Monitoring, Capital District, Albany, NY

Plummer & Wigger has established research capabilities that are available to all our clients. Whether there is a need for information on any state programs, legislative proposals, rules, regulations, the New York State budget or any action undertaken by the state, Plummer & Wigger will provide the necessary research that addresses our individual client’s needs.

In addition, through experience in gathering information and computerized bill tracking, Plummer & Wigger monitors and tracks bill introductions, committee agendas, bill calendars, chapter laws, regulatory proposals and hearing notices.

Our clients are given candid assessments of legislation and proposals in order to make intelligent decisions and to determine what actions to take next to benefit their business interests.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales, Albany, NY, Capital District

New York’s public sector provides a vast opportunity for companies both inside and outside of New York State that produce and sell products and services. Whether it’s a long-standing product or a new idea, Plummer & Wigger provides marketing and sales representation to companies looking to the public sector for business.

We assist clients in developing detailed marketing strategies for both state and local governments and we work with our clients to implement that strategy so they can sell their products and services to New York State.

Local Government Representation

Local Government Representation, Capital District, Albany, NYNew York State is comprised of 62 counties and hundreds of cities, towns and villages. Plummer & Wigger provides local representation for our clients on a variety of issues. Whether it’s promoting a business development project, marketing a product or working with individual state legislators and local officials on projects affecting their districts and communities, Plummer & Wigger has the knowledge and experience to access decision makers and produce results.